Under a month to go. Get organised! Plan your taper! and ENTER!

July 10, 2016


With just under a month to go before the big day (7th August 2016) you’ll need to get organised:

1. Great link HERE on getting organised for the day

2. Think about tapering, details on this and how to do it HERE

3. And if you haven’t done it yet – DON’T LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE – ENTER NOW!



Please note this training program is from a 3rd party are is for general guidance only and designed for those of moderate fitness and overall good health. They should be tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses.

If you are starting a fitness regime for the first time or have not been physically active for a period of time and/or if you are in any doubt about your general health and fitness you should seek Medical Advice before commencing your training programme.

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