The Swinford Duathlon is a no drafting event

January 11, 2018

Breaking the rules 
Cycling in a Duathlon or a Time Trial is known as the race of truth as its YOU against the watch and the weather conditions …
Are you aware of the rules of taking part in a Duathlon ? do you know you need to be at least 10m away from the next cyclist in all directions ?
A smart well skilled cyclist can get a good draft and save a lot of energy by following a stronger cyclist by as much as 40%. Cycling in groups may even get more. 

Rules and regulation are there for YOUR protection in case of an incident, there will be always people who will look to bend or break these rules, organisers do their utmost but sometimes its outside our control regardless of how many technical officers we have out on course.

What we will do from here on is really hone in on ALL THE RULES of the sport, from the small things to the bigger things, this is for your safety.

We do understand that some participants are complete novices to the sport and they like to have someone with them throughout the event, we have no problem with this at all providing they are not in the hunt for prizes. 

How to report an incident. 
Reporting at incident verbally to the event organisers at the finish line or on social media that you saw this that or the other doesn’t work and is not in compliance with the rules, you need other witnesses (Can be fellow participants) who are willing to put the said incident in writing and must be given to the event director within 30mins of the event been finished.

TI have struggled with drafting regulations for years, using warnings signals etc, that’s why at the very top level in all Duathlons, Adventure races and Triathlons that they are draft legal… For us that’s not an option as most participants don’t have the skill set to ride a bike in close quarters at high speed. 

What can we as organisers do.
We always brief competitors that drafting is illegal and to stay at least 10m back if passed but in a 17k course this can be very hard to control due to the short distance and the spread of cyclists over that distance.

We usually have 2 motorbike marshals on the bike course, they are constantly monitoring, we will have these officials in attendance at our remaining rounds of the series.

Our Static marshals out on the route are also going to check and if they notice anything and will report back to us.

We also try and make the bike courses technical with some corners and a few well placed hills and always use country roads which means that the bike course is better suited to a skilled cyclist.

We nearly always have a GO Pro on a strong cyclist that forms part of a relay team, their runner is put well back the pack(On purpose), that way the fast cyclist passes loads of bikes on the course, on the post race video it often shows the groups together, we might not be able to penalize you but we can show you up.

What can you do as a competitor?
To make a complaint make sure its in writing and ideally get another witness with you, present it to the event organiser no later than 30 mins after the event is finished. 

If you want to have concrete proof of drafting wear some form of recording equipment on your bike like a GO Pro, bear in mind this may slow you down or impede your own time. 

If you need to make a complaint look to the rules and report in the proper manner and by the set out time frame.

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