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July 31, 2019

Siamsa Sraide Duathlon – Briefing Document

The Swinford Duathlon Sunday Monday August 5th 2019


Race Information
1. Registration
2. Parking
3. Transition Areas and Bike Racking
4. Race briefing
5. Race starting Point
6. Starting Time
7. Bike & Run Course
8. Drafting
9. Race Signage
10. Aid Stations
11. Safety
12. The Finish
13. Results
14. Prizes
�Registration will take place at The Amenity Centre, Swinford between 8am and 9am on Monday morning August 5th 2019. The centre is located next to Tesco on the Kiltimagh Road. Please note that registration will close at 9am sharp.

Triathlon Licences
As this is a Triathlon Ireland approved event, you will be required to be in possession of your Triathlon Ireland Race membership card or alternatively a Triathlon One Day licence. The latter can be purchased at registration.

Your Registration Marshal will then issue you the following;
a) Timing chip – you will need to strap this onto your left ankle so that your timing chips can be recorded.
For relay entrants this timing chip will be passed between members similar to a baton. Please strap the timing chip to your left ankle when it is passed to you by your team member. If you fail to pass the timing chip to the next member of your team your time and placing will not be recorded.
b) Your Race Number – There will be different colour race numbers to distinguish between individual and relay entrants. Race numbers should be worn on the front for the run section, and on the back for the cycle. Please ensure you pin these securely to your clothing. Race belts may be used, provided you remember to turn the number around to the front for the run section.
Please note that if you have a medical condition, we would ask that you advise us accordingly and enter details on the back of the race number together with emergency contact number.
c) Numbered Sticky label – This is to be placed on the seat post or down tube of your bike. Bikes can only be removed from transition by individuals who show evidence of their race number corresponding to the number on the bike they are removing.

Parking at the Amenity Centre will be restricted to vehicles used by marshals and emergency services. There is limited parking available at Tesco, The Community Centre and throughout the town. As a matter of courtesy we would ask competitors not to park their vehicles in the Church car park as this will be used for the 12 o clock Mass.
All vehicles will be parked at owners risk and Swinford Triathlon Club will not be responsible for the safety of vehicle or liable for any damage that may occur.

1. The Transition is located at the front of the Amenity Centre and will be open from 8.30am and will close at 9.30am.
Please note that only registered entrants may enter the Transition area.
You MUST have your bike and equipment set up prior to the race briefing. Transition areas will be enclosed by crowd control barriers.
As you enter transition, there will be a Safety Check carried out to confirm that:
– Your Bike is in good working order (brakes, tyre pressure) and roadworthy;
– Your helmet is a cycling helmet and that it fits (you may need to adjust);
– Your Timing Chip is attached to your left ankle
Inside transition, you will find unmarked racks onto which competitors will place their bikes. Bikes and equipment placed at the end of racks or outside of the racks will be removed before the race begins.
Please be safety aware in transition and keep all of your personal items within
the area allocated to you. There will be an exclusive area within the transition area for storage. Any item that is considered unsafe to other competitors
may be removed. Transition will close immediately after the race briefing, so
please ensure that you have everything in the transition area.


The start will commence at the Kiltimagh/Park Road junction at 10am sharp. It will proceed down to the Church Car Park and turn left. After 2.5km runners will take a left and will proceed up the old dump road which will bring them onto the N5. On reaching the N5 they will proceed left and travel approximately 300 meters and take the left onto Kiltimagh Road. They will then travel back to the Amenity Centre and will be guided into Transition by the marshals on duty.

The Cycle
The cycle is 22km in distance and for the most part is set over a flat course. The cycle will proceed from Transition out the Old Castlebar Road and after approximately 3km turn right and head onto the Meelick Road. On reaching Meelick Church, they will veer right and after approximately 6km arrive at a T junction at the gates of Oldcastle where they will turn left. They will proceed up this road along the banks of the River Moy. The surface on this stretch of road which extends for approximately 3km is poor to medium and cyclists are advised to exert caution. At the 10km mark they will arrive at a T-junction known as Laughtadurkan, Bohola. There they will proceed straight and travel over the bridge of the River Gweeston. On crossing the bridge they will veer left and head for the N5 where they will turn left again. Please bear in mind that this is a busy junction and cyclists are warned to exercise caution when exiting onto the N5. While cycling on the N5 cyclists must stay inside the hard-shoulder. They will travel for approximately 8km on the N5 and on reaching the Kiltimagh junction, turn left and return to Transition.

Drafting on the bike is strictly forbidden and offenders will be penalised. 1st offence 1 minute, 2nd offence 3minutes and 3rd offence disqualified. In addition to above, any blatant breaches of the Road Traffic Act 1961 as amended will be dealt with more severely and offenders may face disqualification. There will be a team of specialist draft busters, who are both experienced race referees and experienced motorcyclists on the route at different locations. We also have a number of static referees on the course.
Competitors found to be drafting will have their race number taken and receive a time penalty from the motorcycle referee or alternatively time added to their finish time prior to the publication of any results.
If a competitor ignores the warning they will be disqualified. At all times, it is the responsibility of the competitor to avoid drafting, and competitors should be familiar with the rules of triathlon in relation to drafting.

Run 2 – 2.5km
This will commence at Transition. Competitors will proceed out the Kiltimagh Road and turn left onto Park Road. They will then be guided into the Golf Course where a gravel path extends along the surrounds of the course. Competitors will then exit at the GAA Pitch and turn right and head down Park Road and turn left at the T junction of Davitt Pace and Chapel Street (Old Court House). They will then proceed to the finish at the Amenty Centre.

All three courses are signed extensively throughout.
Swinford Triathlon club signs are distinctive and carry a picture of a cyclist for the bike route and a runner for the run route. .

There will be an Aid Station at Transition during and after the race where water and light refreshments will be available.
Competitors are asked to respect the environment along the race routes and to refrain from littering.

Above all else, safety of competitors, spectators and the public is of paramount importance. To facilitate the staging of a safe and successful event a number of measures have been introduced namely:

Bikes: Bikes should be in good working order with working brakes. Please ensure they are serviced and ready to race.
Bike Helmets: Please note that helmets must be placed on your head and fastened
before you touch your bike in transition, and must remain in place for the full bike
section. Helmets may only be removed once your bike is safely re-racked in transition after the cycle leg. Failure to wear a helmet while in contact with your bike will attract a time penalty.
Marshalling: There will be a large number of marshals deployed at designated locations on each of the routes. These marshals will wear high visibility vests and be in possession of flags and whistles to warn oncoming cyclists and runners of any potential hazard on the route.
Roads will not be closed to traffic for either the Cycle or Run so the normal rules of the road will apply. The only deviation to this will be on Run 1 when competitors run for 500 meters inside the hard-shoulder from Dump Road to Kiltimagh Road. Participants are asked to respect fellow road users and while main junctions will be marshalled, participants should approach these junctions with caution. Any blatant breach of these rules which has the potential to impact on the safety of others may result in automatic disqualification.

Run 1 40 minutes
Cycle 1.10hr
Run 2 30 minutes
Total time 2. 20hrs

The finish will be located on Park Road to the rear of The Amenity Centre.
Changing Rooms and Showers
Changing Rooms and hot showers are available at the Amenity Centre.

Timing is being arranged by Core Timing ( Race results will also be posted soon on our own site at when they become available.

The Prize Giving Ceremony will take in the Amenity Centre once results are known.
Prize Categories

Light refreshments will be served in the Amenity Centre after the race.
We hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable day in Swinford.

The Swinford Duathlon Team
Over 50 (Over 50 and under 60 on the year of the event/ series) First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
Over 60 (Over 60 and under 80 on the year of the event/ series) First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
In the above section we are encouraging as many people to participate in the age groups as possible, we may give out more prizes based on numbers.
Relay team section
Relay teams can be made up of 2 or 3 persons and of any gender.
There will be prizes for the top 3 teams providing there are at least 8 teams, A relay category can consist of the following, (All male), (All Female), Mixed (Male and female) but is at the discretion of the organiser

Based on the number of entrants per age group, the following prizes may be awarded by age category:

1. Feedback We would welcome your feedback which can be forwarded to us
We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting our events and hope that you enjoy the day.
The Humbert Team

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