Options to Consider for The Humbert Challenge 2016

July 28, 2016

Events for the Humbert Challenge

Humbert Sprint Triathlon Individual

Humbert Sprint Triathlon Relay

Feeling like you might not be able to do all three disciplines(swim,cycle,run) on the day of a race?

Why not try a relay option? Let your friend do the swim, you do the cycle and another friend can do the run!

Humbert Half Distance Triathlon Individual

Humbert Half Distance Triathlon (Relay)

We also have a relay option for our Half Distance Triathlon.

Half Distance Duathlon

For those of you who find swimming difficult and love the bike and the run, this may be the option for you!!!

For more information in relation to our events for the Humbert Challenge on the 7th of August, please see our website on swinfordtriathlon.com.

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