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January 27, 2017

We met with John (Core Timing & Velotec) yesterday and went through the options for Swinford Kit.

We are suggesting getting orders for the following. We’ll need to get a minimum of 10 per item for it to go ahead.

You can see the full price list HERE

And the full catalogue HERE

Don’t worry about sizing at moment as we’ll arrange a date to try on some samples. And all the items will be designed in Red/Black With SWINFORD logo etc…

NOTE: Prices quoted are the RRP but that we hope to subsidise these costs with generous sponsorship. The subsidised discount will only apply on this occasion and only to members of Swinford triathlon club or Swinford cycling club.

Pick out what you’d like and email your list with name/contact details to info-at-swinfordtriathlon.com

Here’s the sequence:

1. We organise order – DEADLINE for your email with items to get to us is Monday 6th February when we will place the order – we need to move quickly on this as delivery is 6-8 weeks

2. Once the provisional order is placed and deposit paid, John will send us sample sizes for us to try on

3. At the same time we’ll be organising the design etc.


• Short Sleeve Jersey – DETAILS HERE – €35 + VAT
This is a standard cycling jersey

• Long Sleeve Jersey DETAILS HERE – €40 + VAT
Standard cycling jersey but with long sleeves

• Bib Shorts – DETAILS HERE – €40 + VAT
Shorts with the ‘bibs’ for cycling

• Ladies Cycling Shorts – WITHOUT bibs – DETAILS HERE €39 exc VAT

• Winter Bib Tights – DETAILS HERE – €55 + VAT
Long tights with bibs for cycling

• Waterproof Gilet – DETAILS HEREE – €40 + VAT
‘no arms’ gilet

• Rain Jacket – DETAILS HEREE – €55 + VAT
Lightweight rain jacket

• Winter Thermal Long sleeves Jacket – DETAILS HERE – €75 + VAT
Windproof and waterproof thermal jacket

• Arm Warmers – DETAILS HERE – €18 + VAT
Does what it says on tin

• Leg Warmers – DETAILS HERE – €19 + VAT

• Buff – DETAILS HERE – €12 + VAT
That yoke that can go over head, ears or neck etc

• Tri Shorts – DETAILS HERE – €34 + VAT
Similar to the cycling ones but without the bibs and a skimpier pad

• Tri Top – DETAILS HERE – €31 + VAT
‘No arms’ Triathlon top for under wetsuit, cycling & running


• Ladies Cycling Shorts (ELITE) – WITH bibs – DETAILS HERE €50 exc VAT

• Skin Suit (short sleeve) – DETAILS HERE – €65 + VAT
Designed for cycling but could also be used for triathlons (longer ones as chamois pad is thicker than the Tri Suit)

• Tri Suit – DETAILS HERE – €75 + VAT
Similar to the skin suit but purpose designed for triathlon with thinner chamois pad

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