Humbert Challenge Club Discounts

July 12, 2016
Just to let you know that Swinford Triathlon Club  are offering a minimum discount of 10% to Clubs who have ten or more members competing in any or all of the categories listed hereunder:-

1.  The Humbert Half Iron Triathlon – Start time 11am

2.  The Humbert Half Iron Relay – Start time 11am

3.  The Humbert Half Iron Duathlon  (85km cycle & 21km run)- Start time 11am

4.  The Humbert Sprint Triathlon – Start time 12.30pm

This discount applies to any Club  (not the individual) whose combined total  paid entries, regardless of categories  exceeds ten (10).   Consequently the  more entries a club has, the greater the discount and revenue.  

Numbers will be calculated  on the the entries received  for the period  April 1st (date the early bird ended) to July 29th only.  In the circumstances, club members should be encouraged to register on or before before July 29th as we hope that this initiative may provide much needed revenue to clubs and encourage your members to compete in one of The Humbert Challenges. Some clubs have indicated that they may use the savings to re-imburse entrants whereas others have indicated their intentions to sponsor prizes for their members in the various categories.  Again, that decisions rests entirely with the individual clubs   

Finally, in  order that your club receives the maximum discount, we will require a certified list of entries from your club secretary or nominated official as soon as possible after the offer closing date on July 29th.  The latter should not be confused with the Official  Entry Closing Date which is 12 mid night on Friday August the 5th.


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