Events for 2017…Let’s get @swinfordtown moving…

November 16, 2016

Swinford Triathlon Club are pleased to give more details on the forthcoming events for 2017…

The goal for 2017 is to get more locals active in sport.

The plan, therefore, is rather than concentrating on one single event (The Humbert Challenge) which is more popular with seasoned ‘non-local’ triathletes – the club will be running many, many more club training events. These events will be designed for complete beginners as well as the more serious and will include:

• Pool & open water swimming events
• Cycling events
• Running events
• Duathlon events
• Try-a-tri and/or sprint triathlon events

So let’s get everyone moving and now’s the time to start getting in shape for these events in 2017. Check out the current winter TRAINING programme to get started – ALL WELCOME!

Watch out for the post on how to join the club and joining Triathlon Ireland to cover Insurance at these events…

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