BREAKING NEWS : New Club Triathlon League…

July 17, 2017

Time trials will resume in Swinford on Tuesday July 25th.Distance will be 20km, starting on N5 Gleeson’s.
This will be the start of The Humbert Triathlon club series which will involve all three disciplines and will be officially timed. In order to even out the playing field, we will use July 25th to allocate teams. 
Full details will be explained on the commencement night. Bonus points will be allocated to everyone who attends the first night.
Sign-on from Gleeson’s at 7pm where we will explain full details of the series which will be ran over the course of 4/6 weeks . Hopefully by introducing some competition, this will generate more interest and make events more challenging and rewarding for all concerned.  
Though there is no TT thus eve (17th July) why not check out the route and get an idea of your time. 
All events from now on are restricted to Swinford Triathlon Club members.

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