Are you ready for the open water swims at Callow? Tips here…

May 27, 2016
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No need to be anxious about next weeks open water swims at Callow. Firstly it’s planned to have a beginners group just to get used to the surroundings and what to expect in the lake – so watch this space next week for details on that.

Plus below are a few tips to help you if you think you’ll be anxious in any way. These were taken from the excellent book Swim Smooth by Paul Newsome & Adam Young. You can see more tips on pool & open water swimming (including great videos HERE)


1. You’re not the first person to feel a bit anxious.

Everyone feels this way so don’t feel embarrassed; if you’re feeling a bit nervous you’re not alone. Talk to others at the event and tell them how you feel. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Have a think about what is triggering that anxiety & talk about it to others – there’s nothing in that water that can harm you.

2. Become Selfish

SwimSmooth call this next technique ‘becoming a selfish swimmer’; block out all thoughts of other swimmers, fish, waves etc… FOCUS on YOU and your STROKE and your BREATHING.

3. Practice

That’s what the swim sessions on Thursdays are for – time to practice and help each other.

See you Thursday!

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